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2013 European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Awards

Policies and Targets
Technology and Standards

List of the Winners of the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre

Winning Participants:

New Data Centres:

  1. ARM Ltd - data centre in Cambridge, United Kingdom
  2. Capgemini UK – data centre Merlin in Swindon, United Kingdom
  3. Equinix – data centre Amsterdam 3 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Refurbished Data Centres:

  1. CEA-DAM – data centre TERA in Bruyères-le-Châtel, France
  2. eBay Inc – data centre Phoenix 1 in Phoenix, Arizona, US
  3. Unilever, data centre Chester Gates in Chester, United Kingdom
Winning Endorsers:
  1. Panduit Europe, United Kingdom
  2. Migration Solutions, United Kingdom